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Why stay in South Africa

  • Earn high wages in South Africa: Work in SA

    Wage Rate

    12-16 Rand/hour according to which if a student who is allowed to work part-time as of 20 hours a week can earn minimum of 11,520 Rand annually, if student has 50% tuition fee support from family each year of his/her studies then other half of tuition fee and annual living cost of 8000 Rand can be managed easily, budgeting is a major concern of a Pakistani student

    Part time jobs available

    Drivers, Handy boy, General Workers, Security guards, shop assistants, supervisors, Sales person, hospitality, farmer and forestry sector

  • Gateway to Brics and the Entire African Economy: Do Business in SA

    Businesses in Demand

    Below I have highlighted the specific businesses in demand in SA and also such entrepreneurs can also be generated from the Pakistani market easily

    • Real Estate
    • Clothing and Textile
    • Restaurant Business
    • Technology products
    • Tourism
    • Animal farming/poultry
  • Safety in not an issue

    South Africa is the 2nd largest economy of Africa, biggest seller of Gold and platinum, only 2.5 Indian/Asians are living in SA right now, bearable weather conditions, property prices are lower as compare to Pakistan. South Africa is one of the most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets in the world. Strategically located at the tip of the African continent, South Africa is a key investment location, both for the commercial opportunities within its borders and the potential it offers as a gateway to the rest of the continent - a market of some 1-billion people

    Top 5 Safest Places in South Africa

    • Cape Town, the Capital City
    • The Garden Route between Cape town and Port Elizabeth
    • Port St. Johns
    • Cape St. Francis
    • The West Coast

    Being safe is the major concern of most of the Pakistani Citizens, so yes these places can be their preferences

    • Johannesburg
    • Port Elizabeth
    • Pretoria
  • World Class Universities: Study in South Africa

    Study options

    According to QS ranking system below are the universities that comes under Top 100 in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) ranking and Top 600 in the world;

    • University of Cape Town (14th BRICS, 171st world)
    • University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (26th BRICS, 331st world)
    • Stellenbosch University, Cape town (35th BRICS, 401-410 world)
    • University of Pretoria, (49th BRICS, 501-550 world)
    • University of Johannesburg (63rd BRICS)
    • University of Kwazulu-Natal (72nd BRICS, 551-600 world)
    • Rhodes University (75th BRICS, 502-550 world)


    SA universities will not compared with European or American universities but why these can be preferred by the below comparisons with BRICS countries;
    • Fee structure of these top universities is as affordable as the fee of universities in China or Malaysia and ranking is better than those unis with part-time working option which is not available in both
    • No issue of racism and religion as this is a problem in India specifically also it has never been a choice of a Pakistani student
    • Weather is quite friendly, Russia has severe winters
    • SA offers studies in English and English is also it is an official language so it’s easier for a Pakistani student to adjust and delivers the best while language is a main concern in Brazil.
    • Specified admission and visa processing time, no requirement of additional tests